Russian MiG-35 smashing the "tender" for the supply of aircraft to India

India does not want Russian fighter MiG-35.

Despite the fact. that information appeared in the Russian media that the Russian MiG-35 fighters are extremely interesting to India and they have much more chances than the combat aircraft of other countries to win the tender for the supply to this country, it turned out that in reality the interest in domestic fighters is extremely small he almost four loses the popularity of the French fighter Dassault Rafale.

At the moment we are talking exclusively about the survey conducted by the Indian media, in connection with which it is too early to talk about the lost tender, however. as it turned out, if the Russian combat aircraft were preferred by 15% of respondents, then the French fighter trusts 63% of respondents.

“The fact that the Russian MiG-35 took second place according to the results of the survey indicates that fact. that interest in it is much higher than in aircraft manufactured by other countries, including the United States, however, the devastating lag behind the French Dassault Rafale indicates the fact that India did not appreciate the prospects of the Russian combat aircraft ", - the expert notes.

It should be clarified that India has not yet decided to purchase more than a hundred combat aircraft to strengthen the country's air force.

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Well, the Indians are all trying to sit on five chairs. and we should not panic from the throwing of the Indians - the Indians will not buy - we will sell dryers to Pakistan ..

There is - in the project.

This is a modification of F16.

Indians are thinking about the future. Already, the Russian Federation can not really observe any deadlines or technical parameters. What's next. In a country where aircraft modeling, like technical creativity, is practically banned (modelki register more than 250 grams and notify bodies for flights a week), where specialists are planted on a spy wave, thousands of other reasons for thinking and caring people to flee the country, Aviation and Cosmonautics is a foregone conclusion. Would you buy a non-standard computer from a company that goes bankrupt before it thinks about its software?

Boeing and Loghit defeated a tender for the supply of Indian Air Force aircraft.

Well, these are Indians' problems. Rafale can be safely attributed to an African car. Who has not encountered French products does not understand much. This is a do-it-yourself set. Previously, the French in military technology were a reference point. Now it is Algeria in Europe. and I feel sorry for those who will serve the French arms and fight them. I really do.

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just according to their (Indian) laws, licked by the Chinese, it is necessary that the country supplier of equipment transferred the documentation for the production of equipment and manufactured at the first stage from 10% Indian components, and after 5 years already 50% and we need it ????

why do European military analysts give the "palm" of Russian aviation ??? do not know why?

At present, by presidential decree, the former Defense Minister S. Serdiuk will be the All-Russian Aviation Corporation.

Soviet developments, which are trying to pull the pennant 4 ++, turned into a complete trash, with the second generation engines. You look at Rafale and F-ku. This is the brilliance of aircraft construction, and we are trying to sell the hand-barrelling again on the cheap. It's a shame, but arrogance rolls over.

No problem, we will sell more weapons to Pakistan.

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15% of respondents ... on the street?

Of course, I would like to earn extra money on the sale of fighters in India. I don’t know what the Indians really do not like about our planes. Most likely did not agree on the price. But on the other hand, it is much cheaper. And so the price of the aircraft is almost two times lower than that of the French. And they twist their noses. In general, India in recent years has very frankly turned its head in the direction of the United States.

Where the author took this table: the F-21 aircraft does not exist.

The author “forgot” to write that this tender took place a few years ago, indeed won Rafale, but it is significantly more expensive, so India would buy almost half as many planes for the same amount. Since then, nothing has been purchased. So the tender may be relevant again. Rafal is not available, and with the localization of his problem. And MIG-35 went into the series. India has not yet succeeded in its lightweight fighter.

They snatch trying to catch fish in muddy water. But still regret. They will come and will bow, begging for benefits. If not they, then others will sweep away our products.

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Tender for single-engine light fighters

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))) It's funny))) The usual oriental bargaining, they are trying to lower real bidders in order to bargain for the price below. and show the supposedly better challenger, which is actually a complete zero. Real contenders we are of course amers. But with amers Hindus are unlikely to risk. And we just want to negotiate))) very funny)))

Hindus want for free to get not only the aircraft, but also the technology for its production. They either declare that they decided to purchase Rafali, then they conduct population polls (they have to be a complete moron to solve such issues by popular vote, where high-level expert analysis is needed), then they try to turn their arms around with claims of invisibility problems. All this is blackmail, in order to get the desired. doubt it. In Russian, they should be sent to where they need to go, any Russian will give them. will tell!

Yeah. Already looked into. Not in our favor.

It is possible for Russians for decades to build up voracious buckets rusting in a year with a howling box. Because the alternative due to fees is really very expensive. But at the international level, this is not a ride, there is competition

In addition to the reasons given below, I would suggest that in India they can look for options and are considering the closest competitors. If you know all about one product, then you can explore / be interested in those who could offer something close.

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Everything was already decided long ago. The French are losing their aircraft markets due to lagging behind the leaders in combat qualities, price, etc. It was extremely important for them to climb through to the Indian market. Brought to whom it is necessary, ours could not. Now, in order to justify the purchase of Rafale, they have raised a wave in the press.

You can not judge the opinion to put it mildly, not professionals!

Have you ever been to India? After deliveries, operation is carried out in real conditions. But when technical support starts and the Indians in the price list of the French look in, then everything will fall into place. And this will not be Le Bourget ...

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It does not surprise for some reason