C-400 in Syria


Russian C-400 will receive the first combat use in Syria

Experts called the goal of the next Israeli Air Force strike on Syria.

A few days ago, the Israeli intelligence services reported that Iran had established a new military base and warehouses for storing missile weapons in Syria, in close proximity to the Russian military supply base in Tartus, covering not only the Russian C-400 air defense systems, but also the Syrian LAW C-300 "Favorite".

According to experts, the identified Iranian military base will become the primary objective of the Israeli Air Force, while Russian C-400 Triumph air defense systems can be used for the first time, since any launches of Israeli missiles near the Russian military base and other military facilities will be immediately stopped.

Moreover, experts pay attention to the fact that the attack on Israeli combat aircraft can start the Syrian air defense systems C-300, which, according to preliminary data, were put on alert at the beginning of this month.

According to available satellite images, the Iranian military facility on the territory of the SAR is located approximately 20 kilometers from the Russian military base in Tartus, 30 kilometers away from the positions of the Syrian S-300 “Favorit” air defense system and X-NUMX kilometers from the Russian S-32 air defense system. Triumph".

Has anyone thought about what a blow to Israel is, and what a catastrophe this will be for this country? I'm not talking about what the consequences will be in the world. I say that there will be nothing left of this small country and no pathos will help. Moses will have to drive the remnants of the persecuted people in the desert no longer 30 years ... I’m on the site of the Israelis wondering where their ship is sailing.

According to scientists, every fourth Spaniard is Jewish. This also applies to Portugal. Very many hidden Jews in South America and other countries. Already, in our time, several Russian villages have received permission to repatriate and obtain Israeli citizenship. One of them was the late General Raful.

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Is the Israeli army weak? Read analyst reviews

Israel is not the strongest country, it can only fight with Palestine, but Iran is afraid, otherwise it would have launched missile strikes on Iran. For Russia, Israel is too small, even to compare is ridiculous. Russia will not destroy Israel because there are so many compatriots who have left the USSR, and family ties. Moreover, the USSR was the initiator of the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine, and only in the USSR was a Jewish autonomous republic.

Mosquito and man, mouse and elephant, Israel and Russia. Israel has everything to destroy any country on planet Earth, regardless of the distance and size of the target. And my advice to sofa patriots, you shouldn’t offend little ones and you will not have big problems.

The war is long over, get out of the forest. Very wild.

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And let's see, I think if Russia puts the Jews, nothing terrible will happen. Russia tolerated it once, because everything there really was controversial, although there was evidence of an event, covered up. So if Russia gets involved and bangs on Israel’s airplanes, if rockets start falling next to us, nothing will happen to Russia, they will breathe and will no longer climb out, and so, by the way, if Russia gives Iran good, Israel will not be very clever at home same "home". Do they need it? I suppose that Russia already deeply does not care about the hot-tempered leadership of Israel, they watch as a child that’s all. But maybe they can give them pies, maybe, maybe, we gave them a house, and we can take them away.

Ha ha it the Jews will be able to bend Russia in the military issue? Do not be ridiculous my slippers "expert"

Israel does not touch us or the Syrians. Only the Iranian warehouses of missiles, for Hezbollah, which the Syrians are hosting, is hammering. And here we are ?? Our VKS and bases, the Jews do not touch. Until. We join - ogreb. Our know it and do not get involved. And rightly so.

From a global point of view, the Israeli elite wants the destruction of Israel and the final Holocaust. Of course, simple Jews should fall under the Holocaust, "dry branches", as under Hitler (the bankers and the elite are not touched). They want to do it with the hands of Iran. But Iran’s stl is not enough. We are equipped to help. How to help, so Jewry through the Russian elite will arrange a coup here in Russia. And as always, global plans will be decided at the expense of Russia and its resources. We need to be smarter. If conflict is inevitable, then it is better to take the role of arbitrator in it, between Iran and Israel

Unfortunately, without the destruction of Israeli airfields, radar, etc., as it should be according to the logic of war, nothing good will come of it. They have a lot of aircraft - there are not enough missiles. One hopes that these psychos will retreat only by acting in this way. In any case, this is war. I think if the attack takes place our will do everything to repel the forces of the Syrians. And then what will we resist if Israel does not want to ruin the pilots and starts a ground operation? We will shoot at tanks from С400 ,? Some bad situation, how to get out of our military do not even know

Grisha - Israel - the main ally of the United States, knocking their plane down - we risk starting a third world war. Do not forget - and they have hearty medium-range missiles capable of reaching Moscow. They didn’t shoot our plane de jure - this was done by the Syrians, even if the actions of the Jews led to this.

Who are "we ? The people and the government are not the same, as the people and the party have different goals and objectives!

Israel, striking at Syria, which we defend at their request, beats us. So why do we spend our missiles on knocking down their rockets, and not delivering blows at their launching facilities. If we were to mirror their attacks, then the number of missiles fired by us would cause such significant damage to them that they would forever discourage them from engaging in such activities. Who are we afraid of, this tiny Israeli penny, positioning our weakness? Then they will bite us.