Russian reconnaissance plane over Paris frightened citizens of France

Russian reconnaissance aircraft frightened residents of France.

According to news Avia.pro, Russian reconnaissance aircraft carried out a planned flight of a fully coordinated with the aeronautical authorities of France, however, the local media, to some extent distorted this information, noting that the Russian aircraft illegally entered the airspace of the Republic, and more than that, initially It was also shown and the data that we are talking about a strategic bomber Tu-160.

It should be clarified that the Russian military observation flight was conducted more 6 September, however, the actual details of the local press became known only now.

It should be noted that due to the scheduled flight, the work of the French capital's airport for some time has been interrupted.

The yard has already 21-th century, and the French press uses techniques from 19-th - sucking sensation of the finger, to increase sales. I imagine the horror and chaos, away from it all, in the minds of ordinary people.


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