Russian projectile flew right into the trench to the Ukrainian military

The Ukrainian military, who tried to defend themselves in the trenches, came under precise strikes from Russian artillery.

Russian artillerymen delivered precise strikes on the positions of the Ukrainian military, who were trying to defend themselves in their positions. As a result of an accurate strike, not only the fortifications of the Ukrainian army were hit, but also a group of servicemen. The relevant video footage was filmed by the Ukrainian military itself.

On the video footage, you can see how Ukrainian soldiers leave a closed firing position and try to attack, however, after only a few seconds, heavy artillery ammunition arrives exactly in the trenches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which led to serious destruction of the fortification, as well as the death and injury of Ukrainian soldiers.

This fact perfectly emphasizes the high accuracy of Russian artillery systems, although it remains unknown whether the strike was carried out with a corrected ammunition or a standard projectile was used.


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