Russian military in Syria


Russian special forces intercepted a convoy with American weapons in Syria

Russian special forces blocked a column of American equipment.

A few hours ago, information appeared that Russian troops had blocked a large convoy of US troops in northern Syria. The incident occurred near the city of Kamyshli, where the Russian military air base is located.

In the photograph presented, you can see that the road for the American military is indeed blocked by Russian armored vehicles, and the transport convoy with American military equipment began to move in the opposite direction.

The sources do not give any details, but earlier representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense denied information about clashes in Syria between Russian and American military personnel, as reported by the Syrian press, stressing that a communication channel was established between Moscow and Washington.

At the moment, there are no official comments from the command of the Russian military group in Syria and representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Experts have suggested that the reason for the blocking of the American military column is an attempt to approach Russian military facilities in the territory of the Arab Republic, including a military airfield in the south of Kamyshly.

How serious this incident is is unknown, but sources report a “clash” between the Russian and American military, as well as an “interception” of American equipment.

American trucks intercepted the armored vehicles of the Russian military police? Aha

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Actually, in the photo it is written that the amers blocked our military patrol. Give wishful thinking

We must remember, with all internal strife, these are our soldiers!

You get lost and drove the blizzard, recover!

how ashamed to hear from our media and generals?

Amer blocked our patrol on the 17th. and it is already today

Ours are patrolling with the Turks, but where are the Turks?

Amer intercepted ours and forced to turn back.

Do not block, but must be destroyed. And then our soldiers die.

If you carefully read the tweet from the Kurds, it becomes clear that it was the Russian patrol, the Americans, that intercepted.

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it is time for the Americans to show who is the boss in the house

Yes, the Americans were out of luck. They brought weapons to cover their raiders illegally extracting Syrian oil in the province of Hasek, and now - ON YOU, I ran into.

It was necessary to seize smuggling and send the smuggled equipment to the evidence warehouse until the investigation was completed.


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