Su-24 Donald Cook


Russian Su-24 once again disconnected the American destroyer "Donald Cook"

The last incident for the crew of the American destroyer Donald Cook was not in vain.

A few weeks earlier, the information and news agency had already told us thatWhen the American military destroyer Donald Cook arrived in the Mediterranean, he was met by two Russian planes, in particular, he is talking about a Su-24 fighter and bomber. According to the initial data, the plane only approached the American warship, however, according to the information appeared on the network, the crew of the Russian Su-24 had a powerful electronic impact on the destroyer's systems, and the ship's systems were turned off.

As follows from the information provided, the US military destroyer once again failed to test before the Russian military security services, in fact, having lost its military potential without a single shot, and this is far from being the first time when Su-24 planes frighten the crew of a warship that independent analysts have already called "the habit of Russians."

Neither the US Navy command nor the Pentagon (US Department of Defense) commented on the data, apparently fearing possible ridicule, since even earlier in The National Interest, one of the admirals made a statement that Russian Su-24 aircraft do not represent The US Navy is no threat.

It should be clarified that the Russian Su-24 bombers have a powerful electronic warfare system, which, as the experience of the American destroyer Donald Cook has shown, is very effective.

It is necessary to clarify that the first time that Russian Su-24 bombers flew over the American military destroyer Donald Cook, the greater part of the ship's crew decided to leave the service, as they experienced a serious shock.

* Su-24 is a Soviet and Russian tactical front-line bomber with a variable sweep wing designed to inflict rocket and bomb strikes in simple and difficult weather conditions, day and night, including at low altitudes, with targeted damage to ground and surface targets.

** URO "Donald Cook" - destroyer of URO type "Arly Burke". Built in the shipyard Bath Iron Works. Attached to the 60 squadron of the US Naval Forces Command.

Tortured already with this tuft. No Xunxx Dryers have the ability to carry a powerful EW. They are too old for this and are not provided for. But no, this stupid rumor all the wander from publication to publication.

If this "bucket" flies on a shaving flight at least once over your fat zhu * oh, at an altitude of 50 meters and without ammunition and without EW, and if you do not talk about it, then ....... ...........
YOU ARE READY to pass the TRP standards !! WELL DONE!!

This is you delirium of a mare))). To suppress the signal of a conventional cell-phone station, you need an 12 volt battery and a transmitter tuned to one of the side-beam petals of the antenna system. Believe the lateral radiation of the antenna is always there. Muffle the receiving-transmitting path of the antenna system as two fingers on the asphalt. We study the theory of antenna systems and the theory of constructing radio-location information, as well as the physics of signal spectra. And neher spewing out his ignorance.

If you do not know about AFC, Spectrum of the signal, then neher here defecates. Lubuyu antenna system can be drowned, and spending less power than all the generated energy by this destroyer.

Do you want to see how they sink? Get up off the couch and go into the army, a deer!

Do you really think that one man with a piece of iron called a strange word "machine gun" is stronger than hundreds of brave warriors with modern swords?

Well, how much can you lie.

This bucket of bolts would have been knocked down long ago if he had used his systems against the American ship. Do not you think stupid that the plane's rake is stronger than the ship's wrecker ??? And the most important is the conclusion: for the time being we see Russian aircraft as pajuat, and American ships are not drowning

this "corn" - makes quietly cry the most perfect aircraft, "advanced country", for which you yourself aimlessly tearing the pukan!

The argument is weak, strengthen the caps)))
At what kind of laws of physics, will EMR at a greater distance fry more than in the cockpit, especially considering the quality of domestic analogues and the attitude of the fatherland to cannon fodder?))

Destroyer "Donald Cook" favorite toy VKS Russia

I was engaged in radio engineering and the guys were stirring up the antenna. The KGB came and took the equipment. They told the planes that they could not see the path. It means that the voltage of the usual electric network is enough to disable the electronics

Precisely said! In Russia, problems are higher than the roof and it is necessary to solve them.

A year before the election would have it b. The result would have been different! More such kolkhoz ... Everything destroyed. At one normal there is ... Sorry for the country is not enough ...

We have one collective farm in the whole country and that is governed by Grudinin-a millionaire. So who will feed it ??????

If you do not take into account the earthquake from massive nuclear strikes ... And 100% guarantee that no charge will fall on Yelestone that it looks like the truth. But there are still volcanoes chain on the Pacific plate, it will be cold and long.

One troll in a free composition wrote a bike, as the pindos frightened rushed to write about the dismissal. And before that, everyone liked the story, that all the media picked it up with joy. The airplane was personally seen by the 8 man no more likely. The rest inside worked. Like all adults and in fairy tales believe. Wants a fairy tale about Amer that he fought with Russian special forces. And also frightened in the trash.

Exactly ... And we have them 80%

Strongly about the echo said, molodtsa.Sivy Meren does not know that the ships with a nuclear installation in the Black Sea do not go, the Turks do not start up. Although he's a horse, but he did not make a head ....

Well, it must be the same - an American destroyer at 70 km from Kaliningrad, how everyone got scared! And in 2014, no one disconnected the electronics of the American destroyer, it's a well-known fake.

Well, at some point entirely from the realm of fantasy. Do you know what EMR is? What is the power of the EMR emitter to push the electronics triple, isolated and protected by the ESMINCA !? RLY ?! What should be the power source of this miracle on the airplane? Conductors? Why is the airplane alive after such radiation? And what kind of fig did he take off with all this nonsense? EMR blow is essentially a small nuclear explosive in terms of power. Something I'm wondering is that there is a power plant that points a beam of such power through an unknown emitter with an entire destroyer with its nuclear reactor from FIG know what distance. And why then does not the NR fail?

Dear Horse, you say stupidity. Nobody presses the transmitter, you meant it, I suppose. Pressurized receiver, and no matter how they are going to press the hedgehog, naked .. Try to suppress or replace the reflected from the target signal, kt is several thousand times weaker. Read the principles of radar. A small example: in a career you fry shish kebab .. beauty, prostory.Synulya here. Decided to soak in echo. Orret together. And at the moment of the sensation of the baritone's superiority over the falsetto, the wife says in the ear, "The Horse, I forgot to wash your socks." The effect is the same ...

The young man wrote well

That the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean ... journalists earn, and it is hardly worthy of any discussion ..

And you do not think with your head? Who says that one plane will try to extinguish the signal? What you all stupidly attached to the suppression of the radar and everything that's with it? Did you even think that it was a completely different impact? Tell me, do you know what EMR is and how it affects the work of electronics ah? And nothing that this SU-24 is equipped with a system of not stupid suppression of the radar, but just an EMR system that takes computers and electronics out of work? And is it really so hard to draw a conclusion, how will the entire system work if all control computers are simply bluntly cut down ???

Do not understand, clever, in the subject, so do not poke into the discussion.

You have a bandage of logos, and that's not the case, because you did it.

There will not be enough self-help even for cities))) "... Since the year 1945, the United States has produced 66,5 thousand atomic bombs and nuclear warheads.We assume that they disagree with disarmament and they all are.This is an obvious exaggeration, because half is degraded for physical reasons. Yes dick with it.The average power of 100 kiloton is convincing destruction of a square kilometer and dumping hundreds (10x10), which is also, in general, an exaggeration, but I think to the maximum, for a start.
Further. In Russia, 14 NPP, power units, however, much more, but it does not matter. Each NPP will be destroyed in case of unfavorable scenario square 100 x 100 kilometers, this is 10 thousand.
Bombs without nuclear power plants - 100 sq. Km * 66 000 = 6,6 million square kilometers.
Hit by NPP - 10 000 * 14 = 144 thousand. In general, about anything.

As a result, two-thirds of Russia will be completely clean from radiation. And the kolkhoz-sovkhoz will not be bombed accurately, so it's not foreseen with the grub.

Now cut off the sturgeon.

As of 1 October 2016, US strategic nuclear forces have 1367 nuclear warheads on 681 deployed strategic carriers, 848 deployed and undeployed carriers. Total about two thousand. Most of the 848 tactics, which, with all the desire, can not be applied on Russian territory.

Remains a million and a half square kilometers.

At least half will be brought down. All this shit will be poured into Europe, but I already wrote off at the beginning of the script for collateral damages.

Remains 500-700 thousand.

Further, the declared 100 kilometers is for an average ammunition of one hundred kilotons an ethic is overestimated by a factor of ten. In fact, there will be a square kilometer in the epicenter and a square of 3x3 kilometers, where it is better to wait ten years for agriculture.

Remains 50-70 thousand.

The blows will be massive, i.e. in some places will arrive a dozen warheads, and in some not a single one. We can not speak of a uniform distribution. Here I do not undertake predictions - but can we seriously think that if 50 thousand square kilometers of 18 million are destroyed, there will be a general Ad and Israel? For some reason I'm not so sure.

Yes, Moscow, Leningrad, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kiev and Zhytomyr ecetera will be razed to the ground. But is this the end?

These were theoretical calculations. But the specifics - in fact, have pindos.

1. In fact, the Strategic Missile Forces are grouped in three position areas of Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota. Former bases in California, Kansas, Arkansas, Arizona, South Dakota, Missouri lost their status.

2. Air Force - B-52 are combined into two wings, Louisiana and Sevrenaya Dakota; B-1B in 1995 is derived from the number of carriers of nuclear weapons; B-2 is one wing in Missouri. There is no basement outside the mainland.

3. Fleet - Surface is devoid of nuclear weapons with the withdrawal of the KR from the composition, the underwater is based on two (one per shore) - Bangor and Kings Bay bases. Guam, Pearl Harbor, Rota, Charleston, Holi-Loh lost their basing status.

4. There are a number of bombs in Europe - Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany. The carriers are designated F-16 and F-15, which, due to their combat characteristics, can not be an offensive weapon. The only clear function in such a duo is the obstruction (alas, in Eastern Europe) in the event of an enemy attack.

All this wealth for the offensive configuration can not be accepted. There can be no explosive deployment, logistics in the US Armed Forces is an honorary department, not an ensign in the warehouse and a miracle-heroes under hatches ready to attack without pipifax.

It is naive to think that in such a configuration they are capable of winning a nuclear war. Yes, yes, I heard a thousand times that everyone will lose it, because mutants and nuclear winter. But with this insignificant arsenal, can Russia be bombed - not to mention the whole world - in the Stone Age?

At this point, I will permit myself to recall that the USSR lost about 1942 percent of the territory to the 10 year. And not in the form of radioactive spots, but as a result of occupation. However, the coherence of the remaining part was not violated, as well as the leadership remained in the hands of the then government. Putin, of course, is not Stalin, but his vertical is enough to make even Cruz's quite optimistic scenario remain only a fantasy.

Shl. The most striking example of a terrain after nuclear strikes is the Novaya Zemlya landfill, where a lot of nuclear explosions, including ground and huge power, were produced in a fairly short period of time. As a result, long-term contamination zones with isotopes with a long half-life did not occupy more than six square kilometers, in the region of four ground explosions. In the rest of the test site, even at the height of the test period, the radiation background was within the permissible range. The trail stretched for thousands of kilometers, but as a result of this the concentration of radioactive fallout was so low that the background also did not exceed the permissible value in the places where it fell out.
Cornobyl? Chernobyl has thrown out thousands of times more radioactive shit than any nuclear explosion. In the explosion, much less material is used, and it burns corny. During the same accident at the plant, the fact "tore off the lid from the pan" and mechanically scattered the contents. That is, the Chernobyl zone or the same Fukushima can not serve as a model of nuclear war, they are models of a reactor accident and nothing more.

But she completely refutes the other myth - about the mutants. On the territory of the zone live the most common animals, and in general, due to closedness, there is a full flowering of flora and fauna. Mutations in the vast majority of cases lead to the death of a mutant, this is ugliness, and not an improvement. Those very first eyeless fish in Pripyat died out in the first year, no one else saw them.

Eternal nuclear winter? Too it is impossible. Accumulation of carbon dioxide and soot emissions will lead to warming after a not too long cold period. The climate will become more humid, a little warmer than before, that's all. So the post-nuclear world will be just a world destroyed, nothing more. "© OneOne Good Man

Totally agree with you, there is nothing to add.

Yes, yes, just at Sirozh

The syrup! Grammot better learn, Sirroja.

We do not need strangers, we can not get rid of our own


Should we rejoice?

Bullshit. To create interference, you need to exceed the signal strength of the suppressed medium several times. That is, a small and dolorous airplane transmitter will break its fart, but it will not be able to interfere with the ship's ship even close to it. Tales for stupid cotton wool, like soviet corn mushroom, disables the entire American fleet.

Then it was in the Black Sea.

... Microwaves are, of course, something ...


For the umpteenth time I read fairy tales, got scared, fired. Who is this infa designed for?

Quite agree with you Victor atom to be clever, some like it very much. vobshcheto if it went so far as the cut-off of the destroyer means there is some reason for this and therefore ours did not check them, but came to the conclusion that they should be given when

He switched on his system naturally when everything was turned on and he certainly has an impact neutralizer, after completing the combat mission he leaves the zone of influence. If he did not have a neutralizer, the engine would simply die out, the power supply would be blocked.

I look at how our Ameri and the anecdote end 80x emerges.
Sitting in the prison canteen at the table are Reagan and Gorbachev. Are eating. Then Reagan BAT Gorbachev with a spoon on the head ... - Disparaged !!! After a while Gorbachev Reagan on the head of the BAC - disorased! . Here the Chinese comes in; - Have you had a snack? - and on cameras.

And how will he turn on his system if everything is turned off ??? Before you write, think.

Link to the information 2016 year, where the fresh something, about "AGAIN"?

Auto RU. A destroyer can not be "peaceful," he is always a military man. Therefore, the phrase "military destroyer" is oil. Learn Russian language

Why not. we have long been ready both morally and physically.

And that the Pindos climb around the world like cockroaches? To poison them morally.

And then what? Do you want war?

If the ships have such powerful radars, why do they need a missile defense system? Burn all the PCR beam radar, why all sorts of Ijes gorodit?

Trampushka does everything right, fanning hysteria about Russian aggression and driven into Bosko nalogoplatelschikov.Pod it will inflate the defense budget, and soyuznichki NATO 'contributions would lift ".Da still drummed into their heads that a Russian can not deal with, unnecessarily. they are "aggressive and inadequate".

Go to the senior group of kindergarten - there they will explain to you how much power you need to fry the pilot, and then argue. And it's even better to keep quiet than speak nonsense.

Judging by the nickname of the microwave waves your horse ...
The truth of your knowledge is, to put it mildly, mediocre. Your microwaves with which you describe the quality of a pilot's fry for one and fry half the crew.
You get the physics from the school program, and only then you comment on the torture

And how are you going to raise the economy? Do not you understand that there is a constant redistribution of the world, markets and spheres of influence? Would Amrici have such an economy if there was not such an army? And where would Russia be now if Syria had won so called "moderate opposition" and began to build a gas pipeline from the Middle East to Europe. The army needs a strong and constantly acting. And here the opposite is the causal relationship: a strong army is a strong economy.

I wonder how many crew members this time will fall asleep on the beach. And the remaining advice, take more with you on a long trip to the shores of Russia and Europe PAMPS.

Americans play a giveaway (in the press) to deflate funds to modernize the army from the US budget.
And our are happy to come across this.
The bouncer does not need a knife,
You'll give him a little podoesh
And do what you want with a picture!

but they also fry their own with a crust when the microwave turn on ???

I agree with the opinion. Shapkozakidatelstvo is our mentality. The most important thing is not to talk (to take an example from China) and to quietly do our thing, so as not to repeat June 1941.

Guys, enough sapkozakidatelstva.Vse more than seriously, but we have great weapons, but it's not enough. The states and the economy are more serious and there are enough tomahawks for every square kilometer of Russia. It is better to think how to get out of the ass and in the country and the economy order to guide, than to forgive debts to traitors and feed the enemies. Then there will be no one to be afraid.

Well flew and what? If necessary, "Cook" would simply fry the pilot right in the cabin .. With a crust. The power of the radar in his for this is sufficient and he put on all sorts of EW. The radar is the same microwave, only open, and the ship's power, believe me, is sufficient

I'm sure ... there will not be a direct clash ... a tramp businessman and raises the stakes before the talks ... they are well aware of the possibilities of our rebu

If only I would not have run away last time. This time, probably, the pampers were given out in advance and the cowards were replaced. In what you are right however, most likely will not be flooded 24-e. Simply, these are better suited to bring to the mattresses the thought that they are superfluous.


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