Russian Su-27 crashes in area with NATO ships

NATO ships can interfere with the rescue of the Russian pilot.

A few hours ago it became known that the Russian Su-27 fighter had fallen in the waters of the Black Sea. As it turned out, the Russian airborne combat aircraft crashed in the area where the NATO ships that entered the Black Sea last Monday, which could seriously complicate the search and rescue operation of the Russian military.

“According to the KP correspondent at the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, at about 20:11 a signal was received from the emergency Komar radio beacon in the area of ​​the plane’s crash. An-26 airplane and a Mi-8 helicopter were sent to search and rescue the pilot. Immediately the Black Sea Fleet anti-submarine ship and civilian vessels in the immediate vicinity of the scene were connected to the search. However, darkness and difficult weather conditions prevented the pilot from finding a pilot - a storm arose. But the operation does not stop. The Su-27 fighter was controlled by an experienced pilot, lieutenant colonel, who had almost 2 thousand hours of flight. The purpose of his flight was to open the surface situation in the Black Sea, where several NATO ships entered. In the meantime, experts are expressing different versions of the causes of the emergency - a complex technical malfunction of the combat vehicle or loss of consciousness of the pilot ”- сообщает "TVNZ".

At the moment, it is known that NATO ships do not interfere with the Russian military during a search and rescue operation, however, it has already been reported that the main purpose of the flight of the Russian Su-27 could be the "interception" of the ships of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Initially, it was reported that the pilot was able to extract from the water, however, this information was not true.

I think the EW was turned on. The wrong plane was sent to the ships

"He is ours," like the Crimea?: D Do you like to appropriate everything))

who cares who designed it when it is OUR.

Russian Su-27 100%, because in the Russian army!
And here is the designer, a native of Kiev? Inferiority complex?

The Su-27 fighter is NOT NOT RUSSIAN, but SOVIET - it was created by Soviet engineers during the Soviet era, and its most important equipment - AL-31F aircraft engines (one of the best aircraft engines in the world so far !!!) was created at Saturn under the leadership of the genius General Designer LYULKY Arkhip Mikhailovich - Ukrainian native of Kiev region who graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky. Moreover, A.M. Lyulka, until the last days, turned to the designers not “guys” in Russian, but “boys” in Ukrainian.


Best in the world of aviation