Hit the rocket into the ship


The Russian Su-34 with one missile drowned the enemy's ship. Video.

The Russian fighter-bomber Su-34 drowned the enemy ship from a distance of 250 km.

As follows from the information provided by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the crews of the Su-34 fighter-bombers carried out the launches of the newest anti-ship missiles, destroying the enemy's naval combat formation in only a few seconds.

Anti-ship missiles X-35U, which are the newest means of combating naval targets, successfully hit ships simulating the enemy. As follows from the information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, only 8 launches were carried out, and shooting was carried out both singly and with joint volleys, which allowed to assess the capabilities of the latest Russian armament to the maximum.

Analysts, based on the combat characteristics of the X-35U missiles and video cameras presented by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, concluded that only one rocket could destroy a modern combat corvette, and a massive blow could easily destroy an entire group of the enemy.

The video shows that only one rocket fired by the ship of the conventional enemy is enough to completely destroy it.

Another animated cartoon on the Internet, served under the sauce of invincible Russian weapons. But, it’s very similar to the dismantling of pirates in the Gulf of Aden using nitrate smoke bombs. And like two peas in a pod, the American video director Oliver Stone, under the guise of the work of Russian helicopters in Syria, repeats the video from the Internet of the American Apache fighting in Syria that she downloaded in Afghanistan.

When did you serve? And did he serve at all? I gathered all the rumors in a heap and I'm glad that the language has something to load.

papamiha 25 Sep 2018 in 15: 39

But on all channels, "Russian weapons are the best in the world !!!" ... Krun is ridiculed by the enemy, in particular the Americans, allegedly their army is backward, the soldiers are weak-gay, transgender, afraid of their own shadow, mice.
It's all right, my friend is justified in order to propagandize and educate his own people in a patriotic spirit, so that we no longer have people like "General Vlasov", but there would be people like the hero Major Filippov!
Well, propaganda without a share of exaggeration of their own successes and belittling strangers is not complete and everything should be in moderation!

You, bratello is about, sorry. What drunken officers, what demobelya.Kakaya perlovka in the dining room. What boots then? You are a fool, my father.

Modern capitalist Russia will not agree with anyone under any circumstances. Reason: this hinders the trade in gas with oil and other raw materials. This is counterproductive. If previously the confrontation between Russia and the West was due to different systems, views of the world and morality, religion, attitude to people and countries, now it is just a confrontation of corporations for markets and revenues ... We practically do not differ from the West from the West ... Therefore, there are no particular reasons to fight, if only because of a decrease in corporate income.

But on all channels, "Russian weapons are the best in the world !!!" ... The crone ridicules the enemy, in particular the Americans, allegedly their army is backward, the soldiers are weak-homosexual, transgender, afraid of their own shadow, mice. The American technique is made of papier-mache, stupefied, broken, weapons clinch, in the mess and ruin in the army ... Ukraine, Britain, other countries with whom it does not manage to make friends are ridiculed too. But our warriors, the bravest, the strong, the equilibrists, the horse will stop at a gallop , landing without a parachute, battlements on the Kremlin wall-their work- Aikvando, they killed the Dead Sea ... Our technique is the best, Ren-tv buzzed all ears, they say, we almost conquered the universe. Our ships are unsinkable, tanks are invulnerable, missiles are capable of knocking down the ships of evil aliens on approach to the solar system! ) ... I know what is really happening in the Russian army! It's been served. The technician is without engines, they are driven out to the parachute in tow, they will tint to the show of cones, the officers are always drunk, the soldiers are dirty, smelly, laundry, in one form they go for years, sap They are worn down to holes, in the winter they are wrapped up in towels so as not to freeze their feet, they feed them in the dining rooms a hundred years ago with a pearl barley with larvae of flies, cabbage, which they wander here and there with boots! They do not know how to prepare a military one, they can not shoot a demobil. They clean the toilet, yes, they are real warriors. Disgrace !!!! False lies! Hypocrisy! Pokazushniki !!! Corruption in the country, trilliards steal, people are sitting on salary 8-9 thousand rubles! But we feed the whole world. Hell burn!