Russian Su-34 received critical damage. A photo

The Russian Su-34 received tremendous damage.

The Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber, after a collision in the sky over Lipetsk with another fighter-bomber, received enormous damage to the wing - according to experts, the fact that a combat aircraft was able to successfully land at a military airport is a miracle.

In the photograph presented by the Telegram channel Gallifrey Technologies, you can see that the wing of the combat aircraft was seriously damaged, and the Khibiny-U electronic warfare system was destroyed.

It is noteworthy that the photos of the second aircraft, which also received damage, were never published, which raises a number of questions regarding how critically another fighter was damaged.

Earlier it became known that the blame for the incident in the air was blamed on the pilots, while, as previously reported, it was the crews who had to reimburse the cost of repairing combat aircraft, although earlier it was reported that the training flight was carried out in adverse weather conditions.