Russian Su-35С named the main problem for the USAF for decades

In the US, the Su-35C fighter was called the headache of the US Air Force

American expert Mark Episkopos in his article published in The National Interest compares the Russian Su-35 fighters and the latest Su-57. At the same time, he concludes that the Su-35 is a first-class vehicle, comparable to the fifth-generation fighter Su-57.

The author recalls that Su-35 arrived in Syria in 2016 year. There he brilliantly performed all the tasks assigned to him. The plane covered the Russian bombers when they struck at the targets of terrorists. However, this aircraft could not reveal all its qualities in the Syrian sky. The reason for this are the low-intensity combat tasks that he solved. After the downed bomber Su-24 there were no immediate threats in the sky of Syria.

Episcopos notes that Su-35С is one of the most advanced fighters. It was the basis of the Russian VKS until the development of the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter was not completed.

Being a thoroughly modernized version of the Soviet Su-27 fighter, the Su-35 fighter has an updated on-board electronics, a lighter design and the possibility of three-dimensional vector thrust. In addition, his arsenal of weapons is much wider than its predecessors. The expert considers P-77 air-to-air missiles, which are serious competitors of the American AIM-120 AMRAAM, to such weapons.

“Su-35 is a very successful version. For such qualities as versatility and performance, it is hardly inferior to the Su-57 ", - the expert underlines.

The author of the publication suggests that the Russian military leadership of the Su-57 is considered as a long-term investment. It should lead to the complete replacement of old aircraft for more than ten years. During this period, the Su-35С will play the role of the lead fighter in Russian military aviation.