Russian Su-57 was called the “loser” among F-35 and F-22

The fifth-generation Russian fighter aircraft was named for losers.

According to the Russian edition of "," referring to the data of the magazine "The Aviationist", the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 is an unsuccessful clone of the American F-22 and F-35. The prospects of the Russian aircraft, according to experts, is absent as such.

"The plane is considered by many analysts as a kind of clone F-22 and F-35 with many flaws and does not correspond to the design tasks" - the words of the specialists of the Russian edition.

The foreign edition itself notes that a number of countries have already refused to buy Russian Su-57, indicating that Russian aircraft manufacturers failed, noting that the survivability of the Russian fighter should not even be talked about.

“F-22 and F-35 are designed to be used by the US Air Force for offensive and defensive purposes in contested airspaces, penetrating integrated air defense systems (IADS) and air and ground targets with minimal detection risk and maximum survivability. Russian aircraft, it seems, adheres to a different philosophy ", - notes "The Aviationist».

Earlier, Russian experts did recognize the Su-57’s lag behind the American F-22 and F-35 in terms of speed and low visibility, however, noted at the same time a much greater maneuverability of a combat aircraft. Nevertheless, given the rapid wear and tear of the stealth covering of American fighters, the latter are obviously unlikely to use this advantage.

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