Russian Su-57 received a hypersonic missile

The Russian Su-57 was armed with a hypersonic missile.

The fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 received a small-sized air-to-surface hypersonic missile. Its characteristic feature is the possibility of placement in internal compartments, which allows, if necessary, to inflict covert attacks on an enemy Russian “stealth” plane, remaining “invisible” to air defense systems.

“For the fifth-generation fighter Su-57, a small-sized hypersonic missile was developed, a prototype of which has already been created. <...> This is an air-to-surface missile; the projectile should be placed inside the fuselage. Previously, the projectile has not yet been tested with the carrier aircraft. The characteristics of the rocket are still unknown. "- сообщает Izvestia publication, citing a TASS source.

According to some reports, we are talking about a missile designed specifically to combat the enemy’s air defense. Given the capabilities of the main air defense systems, experts believe that the flight range of a hypersonic missile used by the Russian Su-57 can be on the order of 100-120 kilometers, and even with its nominal hypersonic speed, it cannot be intercepted by existing air defense systems.

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