Russian supersonic passenger airplane will appear in 2030 year

The Russian supersonic passenger plane can appear in 10-12 years.

At the beginning of 2018, Vladimir Putin suggested that domestic aircraft manufacturers create a civilian passenger airliner, similar to the supersonic strategic bomber Tu-160, which, despite the fact that it was created in the Soviet Union, is still considered one of the best aircraft on the planet. Against this background, it became known that specialists from TsAGI (Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute - approx. Ed.) Have already begun the development of a civilian supersonic aircraft, while it is quite likely that the project will be able to be implemented by the 2030 year.

In fact, Russian scientists are going to turn a strategic bomber-rocket carrier into a passenger plane, which will require expanding the fuselage, developing a new engine and using new materials. Given this fact, the whole issue of the project implementation is limited only to the engine, the availability of which would speed up the process of creating an airliner almost twice.

Among other things, another problem is the licensing of a supersonic aircraft. To date, any regulations are missing, and created for airliners "Concord" and Tu-144 have long been outdated and do not meet modern safety standards. Without licensing, the Russian supersonic aircraft can only be operated domestically, which means that the release of aircraft will be limited to only two or three dozen, which is not profitable.

Until now, the issue of the cost of the flight remains unresolved - in the event that the price is high enough, such airliners will simply not be successful, and therefore their prospects are absent.

With regard to the cost issue, it is obvious that the price of one Russian supersonic passenger aircraft will vary from 130 to 170 million, which is relatively inexpensive compared to conventional passenger airliners moving at subsonic speeds.

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