Supersonic passenger airplane


The Russian supersonic passenger airplane will appear no earlier than in 10 years

To develop a civil supersonic airliner, Russian aircraft designers will need at least 7-8 years.

Earlier, the information resource reported that the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin invited Russian aircraft designers to create a passenger liner on the basis of the Russian supersonic strategic bomber-missile carrier Tu-160. This idea found support, especially since the aircraft manufacturers stated that work was already underway in this direction, while there appeared data that the design of the new aircraft would take about 7-8 years, while the implementation of the project with subsequent tests can take about 10-12 years.

Experts believe that if, in 2030, a civil supersonic passenger airliner is actually created, it will become morally obsolete during the development period, especially since by the middle of the next decade such large planes are planned to be produced by large foreign producers, which will provide adequate demand for Russian development.

Nevertheless, according to preliminary estimates of specialists, the cost of a supersonic passenger airliner may be about 120-140 million dollars, which is much more promising than the expected for the production of foreign supersonic aircraft.

Tu-160 in the passenger liner ?! 2500km \ h all that ?! We have the technology capable of combining jet + rocket engines if we build in the tail of a rocket (preferably impulse) engine and at an altitude of 15km run it continuing to rise to 30km and acceleration of 10000km / h and after a couple of hours you will be in the sky over New York City ... technology has all worked out, it remains to collect them into a single complex, what prevents? if engineers Tupolev Design Bureau can not implement such projects, they must be thrown into the neck!

Well, no one will buy it, and what? Themselves to fly Moscow-Khabarovsk 8-10 hours or 3-4 h. Weakly?



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