Russian helicopter Ka-52 made a stir at the American airbase

The American military was ridiculed for not knowing military equipment.

In honor of the 75 anniversary of the appearance of one of the largest military air bases in the United States, Fort Hood (Fort Hood), located in Texas, the American military suddenly decided to congratulate the Ka-52 Russian attack helicopter, which decorated almost all posters and flyers.

In the presented picture you can see that the poster really depicts the silhouette of the Russian attack helicopter, which is one of the most promising, among the armament of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Remarkable is the fact that the 75 anniversary of the American military airbase "Fort Hood" was celebrated in 2017, but about “Patriotic failure” It became known quite recently, and they are trying to confiscate the advertising materials with the Russian military helicopter depicted on it, congratulating the US military on the anniversary, but because of the thousands of copies, epic photos continue to appear online, causing a lot of resentment among the military United States of America.

I think Americans understand. that they recognized the Golan as Israeli, they threw firewood into the fire of the war in the Middle East, which they