Russian soldier attacked Ukrainian drone with his bare hands

The Russian military deftly attacked the Ukrainian drone with his bare hands.

A member of the Russian army deftly attacked a Ukrainian drone, capturing a Ukrainian drone worth several hundred thousand rubles. A unique case occurred during the attempts of the Ukrainian military to identify the identity of the Russian serviceman, however, the operator committed extreme negligence and the drone approaching the Russian serviceman was grabbed by one of the propellers.

On the presented video frames, which were at the disposal of journalists, you can see how an unmanned aerial vehicle is approaching a Russian soldier who pretended to be dead. As soon as the drone turned the camera in the opposite direction, the Russian serviceman grabbed the drone, preventing it from leaving. Judging by the thrust developed by the drone, the drone has a rather large size, however, the drone did not manage to get away from the Russian serviceman.

The incident that occurred on one of the directions of the front turned out to be so unique that experts cannot give examples of similar situations. At the same time, analysts draw attention to the fact that the Russian serviceman simultaneously deprived the Ukrainian military of a drone and at the same time added a drone to his unit, which can be used to perform reconnaissance and combat missions.


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