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Russian warship blocked in territorial waters of Panama

Russian naval vessel blocked in the Strait of Panama.

A naval vessel belonging to the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy was blocked in the territorial waters of Panama. It is known that the Russian warship for the third day can not leave the territorial waters of Panama due to the blocking of passage through the Panama Canal.

A few days ago, the news agency reported that an American military aircraft flew over the Russian Yantar ship, positioned as an oceanographic sea ship, after which the ship was blocked in the territorial waters of Panama.

“For the third day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and other interested departments have been making intensive, but so far unsuccessful, attempts to resolve the issue of the transit of the specialized vessel GUGI of the RF Ministry of Defense“ Yantar ”through the Panama Canal and remove the sudden claims and demands from the Administration of this hydraulic complex of structures (spoiler - The Pentagon, of course, has nothing to do with it) to the ship, concerning a number of its specific characteristics, which, according to local officials, can negatively affect all locks channel chamber (here sarcastically grin necessary). For almost three days now, the ship has been at the Cristobal anchorage pending receipt of a transit permit, which, of course, entails a partial disruption to the fulfillment of the tasks assigned to it and, possibly, will serve as the basis for changing its further route ”- reports "Telegram" community "Operation Line".

It should be clarified that this is far from the first case when Russian warships close the passage through the Panama Canal without explanation.

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You, in addition to rotten bile, have at least a drop of brains or you are just a troll and a psychiatric hospital cries for you. I believe that you are an ordinary illiterate Bandera who calls on the Lord to punishment on his bald head.

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What kind of blocking of our ship are we talking about? Again - solid cheap speculation. No one blocks it and the ship can move in any direction. Another question is that under a far-fetched pretext he is not allowed to go through the Panama Canal. But this is not the same thing! It is clear that here the Pindos also fussed and the authorities of this country themselves are not averse to spoiling us, since we, together with China, are going to participate in the construction of an alternative to this channel in Nicaragua, which undermines the financial basis of the Panamanian puppets in Washington.

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Firstly, there is no "Channel of Strait." Secondly, the ship is just waiting in line, like everyone else.

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A Russian warship was blocked in the territorial waters of Panama.
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