Russian Tu-95 nuclear bomber wreaked havoc on UK borders

Britain’s air defense failed to detect a Russian nuclear bomber in advance.

A few hours ago, Typhoon fighters were urgently raised from an air base in the UK, trying to intercept a Russian strategic bomber that approached the very borders of the UK, however, the latter unexpectedly changed its direction of flight, although the cruise missiles in its arsenal can hit targets from several thousand kilometers.

“A whole team of foreign aircraft moved to intercept the Russian Tu-95 bomber seen near Norway. So, the first to pay attention to the guest from the Russian Federation, who was heading west, were the British. A Voyager plane and two Typhoon fighters went to meet the uninvited visitor, AirLive reports. They tried to resist the Tu-95 near the Scottish Islands. ", - reports the publication "".

How exactly the Russian strategic bomber, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, managed to quietly get to the borders of Great Britain is not known, however, it is obvious that the Russian air forces made such an unexpected visit half of Europe.

It should be clarified that what is surprising is that in the comments on similar news in Europe itself they reacted very extraordinary.

“The Russians fly on a piece of scrap metal during the Cold War, and we discover them when they successfully work out nuclear attacks on Europe”

“Tu-95 is a ghost from the last century. How did the air defense systems not notice this huge cloud right on the European borders? ”

“While European politicians are debating how useless the Russian Air Force is, the Russians are picking up at the very borders and practicing attacks on Europe. Imagine what the Russians will do in the event of a real conflict! ”

The Russian side does not officially comment on the appearance of the Tu-95 bomber at the borders of Great Britain.

We practiced strikes on Britain and not on Europe, for practicing strikes on Europe, it is not necessary to fly up to the shores of Britain.

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