Vladimir Zhirinovsky


The Russian C-700 ADMS is not Zhirinovsky's invention?

Analysts believe that Vladimir Zhirinovsky did not lie about the C-700 air defense system.

Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky made a statement that there are already C-600 and C-700 anti-aircraft missile systems in Russia’s arsenal.capable of hitting any air target on the planet. The statement of the shocking politician was greeted with laughter, but experts believe that the words of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, at least partially, correspond to reality.

“It is important to realize that today the Russian military-industrial complex (DIC) has made significant progress. Already in 2019-2020, Russia's arsenal will have unique anti-aircraft missile systems capable of hitting enemy planes and missiles at distances up to 600 kilometers. Today, Russia already has missiles equipped with nuclear power plants, which makes their flight unlimited, and radar facilities can easily detect air targets at distances of several thousand kilometers. In fact, our scientists have already approached a project similar to C-700, according to Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and it is quite likely that it will not be a big problem to implement, at least. in foreseeable future. Of course, the statement of the Russian politician about the availability of such systems in the Russian arsenal does not correspond to reality, however, by and large, he stated the correct concept for the development of air defense and missile defense systems, - emphasizes the specialist.

It should be clarified that earlier the Defense Ministry announced the development of air defense tools working on new physical principles.

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