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Russian "super-weapon" turned out to be weather dependent.

The Russian Peresvet laser complex turned out to be weather dependent.

Despite the fact that the Russian military laser complex “Peresvet” is considered to be the newest Russian “super-weapon”, it was reported that the effectiveness of the developed “Peresvet” is extremely low. This is due to the meteorological dependence of the equipment, which does not allow the use of a combat laser to perform real combat missions.

Director of the Center for Analysis of the World Trade in Arms, Igor Korotchenko, said that the Russian Peresvet laser complex, which was supposed to be used to destroy enemy aircraft and ballistic missiles, could even destroy unmanned aerial vehicles with difficulty. Effectively hitting small targets, which include drones, can only be achieved with a cloudless sky, in the absence of fog, evaporation of the earth, etc.

“Under favorable environmental conditions, when there is neither fog, nor sandstorms, nor precipitation, that is, under ideal conditions, laser complexes are sufficiently effective to destroy unmanned aerial vehicles. This is one of the areas of response. That is, any base, any object that must be protected, it should potentially have laser weapons in the future. ”, - he said.

In fact, the low efficiency of such tools calls into question the relevance of using a combat laser to protect military facilities and airspace.

from where is precipitation at 25km? How can precipitation prevent him from 5km distance, in Russia that sandstorms, and who can fully fly in such a storm. In Russian, this is called whipping nonsense blushing.

The laser is a laser, even though the Russian one is American - it only works for a distance when there is no obstacle - fog, clouds, etc.

The most important thing is the weather in the house, everything else is vanity