Downed UAV Syria


Russian military airbase was attacked by Syrian militants

The militants of "Jays al-Izza" attacked the Russian military air base.

Today it became known during the day that the militants of the "Jays al-Izza" group conducted a new attack of unmanned aerial vehicles on the Russian military air base. The last such incident happened about ten days ago, however, analysts say, this time a very sophisticated method of attack was chosen.

As you know, the absolute number of attacks kamikaze drones on the Russian military airbase "Khmeimim" occurred either in the twilight or at night. Nevertheless, according to official data and submitted photos, this time the militants of the "Jays al-Izza" group attacked the "Khmeimim" air base during the daytime. The exact number of drones involved in the attack remains unknown, however, according to sources, we are talking about 3-4 aircraft equipped with artillery shells.

"Obviously, the militants have chosen a different tactic, and they decided to check the readiness of the Russian military to repel attacks in the daytime", - emphasizes specialist

The source reports that the Russian "Pantsir" complexes successfully repelled the attack by the militants, destroying all air targets long before entering the closed airspace of the airbase "Khmeimim".

It should be clarified that only last month the militants of the "Jays al-Izza" group undertook 13 attempts to attack the Russian military airbase in Syria.

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