Russia accused of illegal invasion of Venezuela

The appearance of the Russian military in Venezuela was called illegal.

The deputy official representative of the US State Department, Robert Palladino, made a statement in which he called the appearance of the Russian military on the territory of Venezuela illegal.

“The continuing transfer of Russian troops to Venezuela to support the illegal regime of Nicolas Maduro runs the risk of prolonging the suffering of the people of Venezuela, who overwhelmingly support the Acting President Juan Guaydo "- said Palladino.

We are mainly talking about the transfer to Venezuela of almost hundreds of Russian soldiers, however, on what basis Washington believes that their appearance in Venezuela is illegal, the deputy official representative of the US State Department chose not to comment.

It should be clarified that due to the lack of official statements, the media began to appear that Russia is preparing to equip its military base in Syria, however, this fact was completely refuted in Venezuela itself, stressing that the Russian military are in the Latin American state exclusively for consultation.

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