Rostov-on-Don repels one of the most massive drone attacks


Rostov-on-Don repels one of the most massive drone attacks

The most massive attack of kamikaze drones since the beginning of the special military operation (SVO) was recorded in Rostov-on-Don. Drones of the UJ-26, PD-1 and "Fierce" models tried to strike key targets in the city, but their attack was successfully thwarted thanks to the use of turret-mounted machine guns.

To repel the attack, turret machine gun mounts based on NSV, KPV and PKM, equipped with thermal imaging sighting systems and active night vision devices with infrared illumination, were used. These systems made it possible to quickly detect and destroy approaching drones, preventing them from reaching their targets.

According to sources, the Tor-M2KM, Strela-10NM anti-aircraft missile systems and Pantsir-S1/SM anti-aircraft missile and gun systems were not used in this operation. The main blow to the drones was dealt by turret machine gun mounts, which demonstrated their high effectiveness in night attacks.

Local residents reported multiple explosions and bright flashes in the sky, causing temporary panic. However, the operational actions of the air defense forces quickly normalized the situation.


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