Almaty Airport


The leadership of the airports of Almaty and Astana denies an increase in fuel prices

Kazakhstan Airports Almaty и Astana They deny the increase in prices for air tickets due to the increase in the cost of fuel.

According to airport management, the increase in prices for air tickets on a number of routes is by no means connected with the increase in the cost of aviation fuel, as information began to appear repeatedly not only in local, but also in foreign media. Among other things, the leadership of both airports stressed that such rumors spoil the authority of air transport nodes, and are responsible for their commercial activities.

In turn, it is necessary to clarify the fact that it is the air carriers that regulate the cost of their flights, in particular, reduce for individual citizens, and increase for others, as already repeatedly noted for the airline "Air Astana". Another factor denying negative with respect to the largest airports in Kazakhstan is that air carriers use only their own fuel, which is why airports are not involved in price increases.