The leadership of KB "Kamov" turned its employees into homeless people

The actions of the leadership of KB "Kamov" caused a sharp public response.

In a very unpleasant situation were former employees of the design bureau "Kamov", which were completely unexpectedly evicted from the hostel, in fact, becoming persons without a specific place of residence. The hostel of KB "Kamov" was transferred to private hands and became a hotel, and new owners were not interested in the fate of some of the best employees of the design bureau.

Alexander Blintzov, the former designer of the Kamov design bureau, took part in the process of developing and creating such legendary rotary-wing vehicles as Ka-226, Ka-52 and Ka-62, faithfully carried out the tasks set by the management, but, quite unexpectedly, was evicted from the hostel, without the provision of any housing.

Such actions caused a strong resonance in the society and a lot of indignation about the leadership of KB "Kamov".

“The helicopters of which the whole of Russia is proud, the helicopters without which the VKS and Navy cannot do today, were created with the direct participation of these people. And all thanks for this resulted in turning them into homeless. It's a shame! Shame for Kamov and All Russia, - regular users of the Internet post their messages on the social networks.

As the future fate of the people expelled to the streets will develop, so far it remains unknown.