Mihai Fifor


Romania: we will protect Europe from the Russian threat

Romania has declared its readiness to protect Europe and NATO from the Russian threat.

Starting next year, Romania will assume the EU presidency, in connection with which an official statement was made that this country is ready to make every effort to stop the Russian threat and prevent Russia from building up its military power in the Black Sea.

The head of the Ministry of Defense of Romania, Mahii Fifor, said that Russia is a great threat, actively building up its military presence in the Black Sea, which threatens not only Europe, but the entire North Atlantic alliance.

“The Russian Federation uses the Black Sea for the realization of its own interests in the eastern Mediterranean. Europe’s security is a big question, however, we are ready to implement new programs that can counteract Russia and its threat. ”, - follows from the statement of Mihai Fifora.

What specific threat from Russia is being discussed, the head of the Romanian Ministry of Defense did not explain, nor did he explain the intentions of fighting with Russia.

“We can assume that Romania has made a call to Russia. What is Romania? The area of ​​this state is 72 times smaller than the area of ​​Russia, and it is difficult to imagine that this country, which can be found on the map with great difficulty, is trying to threaten the largest state on the planet. ”, - said the analyst Avia.pro.