Powerful explosions thundered near fire near the base of the Russian Navy in Syria

It became known about the attack of saboteurs on the port near the base of the Russian Navy in Syria.

A few hours ago, three American military reconnaissance aircraft, one of which is the anti-submarine Boeing P-8 Poseidon, were spotted near the Russian Navy base in Syria, and only six hours later, unknown saboteurs attacked the Syrian port, destroying at least six large oil storage facilities and damaging the pipeline. The incident occurred only 19 kilometers from the Russian military air base Khmeimim and about 30 kilometers from the Russian Navy base in Tartus.

Considering the analysis of specialists regarding the attack on the port of Baniyas, where, by the way, the activity of the Iranian military was observed in recent days, it is assumed that it was the American military reconnaissance aircraft that coordinated the actions of unknown saboteurs, and there is a possibility that those responsible for the attack are either militants, which, by the way, is regarded as an unlikely version, or American special forces, since the United States had previously threatened to prevent the transportation of oil from Iran to Syria.

“While the US Air Force was exploring and spying on the Syrian coastline, the submarine oil pipes of the Baniyas refinery were blown up, resulting in a large oil spill. Speedboats are looking for suspected divers, but apparently it's too late. ”, says the Syrian Military Capabilities account on Twitter.

Given that the attack occurred only 30 kilometers from the Russian Navy base, analysts have expressed very serious fears that sabotage could also affect Russian warships, however, in this case, Russia's position will be extremely tough

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