Missile missile defense


Next to the Russian borders will appear 20 US missile defense systems

The United States will deploy additional missile defense systems in Alaska.

President of the United States of America Donald Trump announced that Washington intends to protect the American people from all types of rocket attacks, and therefore, in the near future, less than 700-800 kilometers from the borders with the Russian Federation, will be placed on less than 20 complexes missile defense.

“We will protect the American people from all types of rocket attacks. The US will change its strategy in such a way as to be able to defend itself, including from cruise and hypersonic missiles. ”- declared Trump.

Obviously, the Russian hypersonic armament shocked the US with its capabilities, since even intercepting missiles moving at supersonic speeds presents a very serious problem for American missile defense systems, not to mention the fact that the Avangard hypersonic complex capable of developing speed in 33 thousand km / h, poses a real threat to the United States.

Experts also drew attention to the statement about cruise missiles, suggesting that Trump had in mind the alleged violation of Russia under the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Small-Range Missiles, in particular, the 9М729 rocket.

In Cuba, we need to place pro under this pretext.