Explosion in Syria


Near the Russian airbase "Khmeimim" a powerful explosion thundered. Video

In Syrian Latakia thundered a powerful explosion.

The night before, in the vicinity of the Syrian city of Latakia, approximately at a distance of 15-17 kilometers from the Russian military airbase Hmeimim, a powerful explosion thundered, the glow from which literally turned night into day. It is reported that the explosion was so powerful that in buildings located at a distance of 2 kilometers, glass was broken.

As in the video recordings presented to the Telegrams communities, it can be seen that the explosion turned out to be so powerful that it literally illuminated the neighborhood within a radius of tens of kilometers, while the nature of the explosion remains unknown, although initially the suspicions fell on the Israeli side Previously, she was convicted of targeting an electrical substation in Latakia.

There are no official comments on this matter by the current hour, while the incident may be related to recent sabotage in Baniyas, when the underwater section of the pipeline was detonated (near the Russian naval base in Syria), as well as gas pipeline in homs.

Data on victims, victims and destructions at the moment are absent.