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Airline krasava


On June 19 "KrasAvia" opens flights Ulyanovsk - Sochi

"KrasAvia" airline launches direct flights Ulyanovsk - Sochi.

Starting with can take advantage of direct flights between Ulyanovsk and Sochi, at the same time, for those people who have time to buy tickets between 19 at special rates, in particular, the amount of the flight operates May 17, 26 June airline passengers' KrasAvia "will cost just 5 thousand.

Sami flights on the route Ulyanovsk - Sochi will be carried out by the carrier "KrasAvia" between 19 June 11 September while, flights will be carried out with a frequency of once a week, on Mondays, and Yak-42 be used as an aircraft.

Experts believe that the new flights can be quite popular.


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