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C-300 for Israeli fighters have an unpleasant "surprise"

The C-300 “Favorite” supplied to Syria has an unpleasant “surprise” for Israel.

This morning it was reported that Israeli pilots are participating in the territory of Ukraine in exercises in which they are getting closer acquainted with the Soviet C-300 “Favorit” anti-aircraft missile systems, trying to go in to attack them and practicing maneuvers to counter these air defense systems. . However, in the event of an attempt by the Israeli Air Force to attack Syria, they will have a very unpleasant "surprise."

“The C-300“ Favorite ”anti-aircraft missile systems put into service with Ukraine were produced in the 80-ies of the last century, and today they have the only similarity to modern Russian modifications - the principle of operation. However, thanks to the work of Russian scientists. Modern modifications of the C-300 “Favorit” air defense missile system are much better at detecting airborne targets, and they can easily destroy stealth aircraft. Once in sight of these systems, the likelihood that a combat aircraft pilot can avoid destruction is only about 5%, that is, if 12 airplanes participate in a large-scale attack by the Israeli air force, only one will have a chance to survive. % ", - the expert noted.

It should be clarified that against the background of Russia’s delivery of anti-aircraft missile systems C-300 to Syria, the United States and Israel are actively interested in these Russian air defense systems, requesting Ukraine to demonstrate these systems in action.

C-300 is not only a starting complex. C-300 of the launch of the beginning of the 80-s and the current - have very large differences, which mainly consist in the device of control, location, anti-interference and identification systems of the missiles themselves. And not only these differences.