Israeli Air Force


C-300 in Syria have demonstrated the failure of the fight against the Israeli F-16

The Syrian S-300 "Favorite" again proved to be useless against the Israeli F-16.

Today, January 12 2019, Israel launched yet another daring attack on Syria, using at least four F-16i fighters, which attacked three regions in the Syrian province of Damascus. Syrian media have reported that 8 was intercepted by Israeli missiles, while at least one was able to destroy the stockpile of missiles. Nevertheless, despite the fact that Israel launched air strikes from a distance of less than 30 kilometers from the Syrian border, none of the C-300 “Favorit” complexes delivered to Syria could even detect Israeli fighters, which once again underlines the inability of these air defense systems to fight Israeli warplanes.

According to available information, Syrian C-300 complexes did not attempt to hit Israeli fighters, due to the fact that warplanes flew at low altitudes, hiding behind mountainous terrain located on the Lebanese-Syrian border, which did not allow air defense systems to track the movement of Israel F-16i, although the launchers themselves are located less than a hundred kilometers from the zone from which the strikes are carried out.

There have been no official comments from the Syrian Ministry of Defense or representatives of the Russian military command on this.

Correct and honest information!

Especially in 1982, in the Beccaa valley, when the Jews destroyed 17 C-125

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And what the author did not talk about. that Israeli planes again covered themselves, only now by civilian planes? Such a meanness! Knowing that the Syrians will not open fire. while in the air near civilian vessels.

"There have been no official comments from the Syrian Ministry of Defense or representatives of the Russian military command on this." - an anonymous author of the article - how do you know then: "what did not allow air defense systems to track the movement of Israeli F-16i"? Were you sitting at the radar screen? The characteristic "chatter" of pseudo-journals ...

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The author has no idea what he writes. Missiles were launched from the territory of a neighboring state, fearing to enter the territory of Syria, where their fighters would be 100% destroyed. The hatching surface of a fighter is larger than that of a rocket. They took the escort almost from take-off and transmitted information to the "shells" who prepared for the battle knowing the direction of the attack.

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