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Since the beginning of the year, Russia has adopted the Caliber 48 missiles.

Russia adopted the 48 Caliber missiles.

Since the beginning of this year, Russia has adopted an additional 48 Caliber cruise missiles. Information about this was voiced by the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, who stressed that this weapon allows Russia to significantly increase the defense capability of the Russian army.

According to expert estimates, by the end of this year, Russia may additionally adopt the Caliber cruise missiles around 100, and if the United States finally withdraws from the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Short Range Missiles, the production of cruise missiles in Russia may increase several times.

In addition to the active production of cruise missiles, from the beginning of the new year, 500 new weapons were put into service with the Russian army, including combat aircraft, helicopters, missile systems, etc.

"In addition, the armed forces routinely received engineering and automotive equipment, communications, aircraft weapons and ammunition", - said Sergei Shoigu.

Earlier it was reported that Russia is increasing the production of tactical missile systems "Iskander-M".

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