Plane A320, without landing gear


Plane A320, without landing gear landed at the airport in Rome.

Plane A320, without landing gear landed at the airport in Rome.

According to the Italian news agency ANSA, 29 September, a passenger plane, A320, owned by the famous Italian airline Alitalia, landed at the international airport of the city of Rome. During landing, the aircraft rolled out far beyond the runway. This happened at the Rome Fiumicino Airport.

According to the news agency, as a result of the incident, about ten people were slightly injured; they were immediately, on the spot, provided with medical assistance.

This aircraft operated a flight from Madrid to Rome, and the 151 passenger was on board of this flight. In 20: 30 local time, while the plane was landing, the crew commander discovered that the right landing gear did not come out, and promptly warned the airport service, and during its landing, all emergency services of Rome airport were on full alert

Landing took place on the left and front wheels. Landing also took place in thunderstorm conditions. Before landing, the plane performed several laps over the airport, then sat down, stopping right at the edge of the lane. After that, he fell on the right wing. To investigate the circumstances of the incident started a special commission.

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