Pulkovo Airport


Plane of "Aeroflot" has arrived in Pulkovo without luggage

Passengers of the Aeroflot flight, flew to St. Petersburg without luggage.

For unknown at the moment reasons passenger flight of "Aeroflot" has arrived in Pulkovo airport without luggage, while, according to the passengers themselves Russian air carrier, a clear explanation of the representatives of flights shedule what happened and was not - all that is offered to customers, it's leave their phone numbers in case the baggage still could find.

It remains unknown also the fact that the baggage was lost - since the plane was moving from Nice to St. Petersburg, making an intermediate landing in Moscow, there is a possibility that passengers' personal belongings will still be found, although, given the fact that the carrier has already could contact representatives of air harbors, the probability of this is very small.

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