Aeroflot Airline


Airplane "Aeroflot" has made an emergency landing in Yekaterinburg because of alcoholic origin of one of the passengers

Passenger airline "Aeroflot" poisoned alcohol.

Due to the deteriorating health of one of the passengers, the commander airliner Airbus A330 I took a decision to make emergency landing at the airport Koltsovo, where doctors were men need help.

Details of the incident to date remain unknown - according to some information the man was in a state of extreme intoxication that was the cause of the deterioration of his health, but, according to other information available to the version of Portal, a man poisoned by alcohol directly acquired at Duty Free airport of departure, that at the moment and checked.

It is reported that after the landing in Yekaterinburg, physicians were forced to hospitalize a man due to his difficult condition.

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