The first commercial flight of Airbus A350


Airbus A350 performed the first flight with passengers

Passenger plane Airbus A350 Completed his first commercial flight.

The new airliner, the first to fly from Doha to Frankfurt, is owned by the airline "Qatar Airways"However, the air carrier's management hastened to remind that in the near future the company's fleet will be replenished with 79 airplanes of this type, providing more comfortable flights, with less fuel burning, and less emission of harmful substances into the environment.

Depending on the configuration of the airliner, up to 369 passengers can be accommodated on board, and currently 778 passenger airliners of this type are ordered, and orders are from the 41 airline. It is assumed that the new passenger airliner can be an effective replacement for the already quite outdated Boeing 777, which among other things in 2014 was recognized as the least secure.