Airplane Angela Merkel


Aircraft Angela Merkel almost fell into a plane crash

The flight of the Chancellor of Germany almost came to an end with a plane crash.

At the moment the plane took off with the Chancellor on board, a tornado of destructive force was approaching Germany. Vortex flows that appeared as if from nowhere, lifted the roofs of houses, trucks and even multi-toned metal structures into the air. Dozens of people were injured, fifty buildings were destroyed.

In Bosheim, on one of the tracks, an air funnel pulled a whole truck into itself. The roads are dotted with fallen trees and overturned trucks, in the western part of the country for several hours as the railway communication is not functioning.

As a result of the incident, the Chancellor of Germany did not suffer.

Sergei carefully read. The place near which appeared this whirlwind, it is in Germany. So think where it was.

From where it took off, when it was, where it was - it's unclear. What "sage" wrote this note. "I fell under the horse." It's a shame for such news.


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