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The airplane of airline "Aeroflot" urgently villages in Sheremetyevo

At Sheremetyevo aircraft "Aeroflot" airline urgently villages.

At the time of the regular passenger flight from St. Petersburg to Moscow, The pilot of the aircraft was found technical failure of one engine, which is why air traffic controllers in the capital have requested the ability to perform an emergency landing.

Total on board the airliner en route from St. Petersburg was 151 people (excluding crew members - Ed.). However, due to the fact that the very process of landing took place in completely normally, no people have been hurt.

The reasons have contributed to engine failure the aircraft, currently set by experts, and not commented.

October 13 2016
Refutation of false information published in the media
13 2016 October, Moscow. - Aeroflot denies the information about the emergency landing of the aircraft, en route from St. Petersburg to Moscow, distributed by a number of media. This information is not true, the emergency landing was not.
Aeroflot urges media not to disseminate information based on unverified information.


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