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Aircraft of "Arik Air" refused to serve because of 15-minute delay

The crew of the passenger liner was denied boarding because of the 15-minute deviation from the timetable.

As follows from the data presented in the media, the passenger airliner of the Nigerian airline "Arik", carrying out the flight from Lagos to Asaba, could not land at the airport of its final destination, because the arrival of the aircraft was delayed for 15 minutes. In fact, the crew of the passenger plane was already preparing for the landing, however, the air traffic controllers of the Asaba airport refused this, citing the fact that because of the 15-minute delay, the visibility within the runway remains insufficient, and since the air harbor is not equipped with lighting, landing is impossible.

As a result of the incident, the commander of the passenger airliner had to return to the airport of Lagos again, as a result of which, passengers could not get to the planned airport.

The air carrier said that his fault in this incident is absent, due to which the passengers will not be compensated for the hourly delay of the flight, which had to be postponed for almost a day.