Emergency landing of plane


The plane of the airline "TransAero" made an emergency landing in Volgograd because of the passenger's poor state of health

Because of the poor state of health of one of the passengers, the plane en route from Yekaterinburg to Larnaca urgently sat in Volgograd.

As representatives of the air carrier "Transaero", The incident occurred some time after departure from the airport of Yekaterinburg, as a result of which the commander of the aircraft decided to make an emergency landing at the airport of Volgograd. After the landing, medical workers took the passenger to the hospital, and the plane itself at 4 hours 50 minutes by local time already departed on the specified route.

It is worth noting that in recent times the poor state of health of passengers has become an increasingly frequent reason for the emergency landing. Only in the past period of the current year, such a case was no longer the first, but often this measure is effective in saving people their lives.


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