Putin's plane


The plane of the British Air Force dangerously "cut" the plane Putin

Military aircraft dangerously close to the plane of Vladimir Putin.

Last monday after completion commemorative events dedicated to the 100 anniversary of the end of the First World War, which were attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, an unidentified military aircraft, became dangerously close to the IL-96, who was heading to Paris to pick up the Russian president. The incident occurred in the sky above the village of Neuilly-Saint-Fron - according to experts, the military aircraft belonged to the British Air Force.

A video from an online tracker has been published online, where you can see that the IL-96 aircraft belonging to the SLO “Russia” is dangerously approaching an unknown military plane Cessna 560. It is known that at this moment in time President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin was just about to leave France. The minimum distance between two airplanes (in the horizontal plane - ed.) Was about one and a half kilometers, which caused quite a few questions among specialists.

Despite the fact that it was not possible to establish the identity of an unknown military aircraft, the experts drew attention to the fact that after a dangerous rapprochement with the board used to accompany the Russian president, an unknown aircraft continued to fly towards Great Britain, where it landed at Northholt military airbase .

It should be clarified that the aircraft IL-96 with the number RA-96019 is often used to accompany and transport the highest persons of the state.

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And he sat down at a military airbase. Civic business?

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dangerously approaching an unknown military aircraft Cessna 560.

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And if this plane would have been Trump, you probably would have screamed how this road almost blocked the plane, this is the president’s plane. don't be smart

Aircraft leaders (istribiteli) escort silt 96 only over the territory of the Russian Federation, or in neutral waters ... on the territory of other states military planes do not have any right to fly.

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Thanks to our professional pilots for not allowing the plane crash. I would long ago have announced sanctions for England and all who are against the Russian Federation.

I would have looked at how he approached him dangerously if Putin himself was on the plane. Usually when he flies himself ... he is accompanied by fighters.

Now they will write: "Putin’s plane has become dangerously close to NATO military aircraft. In connection with the non-professional actions of the Russian pilots, impose sanctions on RUSSIA!"

Cessna 560 is not a military aircraft. IL-96 flew FOR Putin, and not with him. And in general, there are more planes in the skies of Europe than fleas on a lousy mongrel - who needs our president?

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