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Cessna TTx aircraft


Cessna TTx aircraft will appear on the Russian market

"Cessna" is preparing to conquer the Russian market with a new airplane.

In the near future, the Russian market should appear Cessna TTx aircraft, which, according to the developers, can be quite popular among wealthy citizens of the Russian Federation. On the other hand, due to the difficult financial situation, we should not expect that the number of operators of these aircraft will increase sharply at the expense of only one Russia, however, it is likely that the new model will prove to be quite successful.

It should be clarified that this aircraft, although it has quite impressive technical characteristics, the aircraft has a rather high cost, which is about 500 thousand dollars (the price is given taking into account the fact that the aircraft was in operation - ed.).


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I think that for such a price, this aircraft will not get in Russia to be ......

And even better of course so that the small aircraft was in demand and was qualified ...

But the cost of this aircraft is impressive, of course, this model will be used in private aviation, and I'm just passing the courses on the simulator so it's very interesting to me how I get ...