Fighter F-35


Aircraft F-35C was named the worst carrier fighter

China fiercely criticized the American fighter X-NUMXC.

The F-35C fighter, intended for basing on aircraft carrier decks, is not capable of effectively carrying out the assigned combat missions. This is due, in the opinion of Chinese military analysts, primarily to the fact that the aircraft has a small combat radius, which forces aircraft carriers to approach the enemy’s positions, and this in turn makes it very vulnerable to missiles capable of sinking it.

"The CSS-5 cruise missile is able to cover distances up to 1500 kilometers, and the Russian hypersonic complex" Dagger "can do it at distances of up to two thousand kilometers, which means that with the use of US naval aircraft, aircraft carriers will be vulnerable, and can be launched on bottom", - said the military analyst.

Experts believe that the fault of all was the oversight of developers who did not anticipate that a potential enemy would have the means capable of destroying the aircraft carriers, on which the F-35 fighter jets would be based, from long distances. Considering the fact that F-35C fighters are planned to be exploited for at least half a century, all of this creates a serious threat to US naval aviation, which most likely will be able to effectively deal only with those opponents who do not have missiles on their weapons capable of striking at distances more than 1200 kilometers.

On the other hand, the Pentagon earlier announced the development of a tanker capable of further increasing the combat radius of the 5 generation fighters, however, taking into account the hostilities, these aircraft will be destroyed on a par with other air targets. Of course, additional modernization of these aircraft is quite possible, but it will not play a key role, since rocket systems capable of hitting aircraft carriers at longer distances will be subjected to a similar modernization.

"Perhaps this is the worst deck fighter in the history of naval aviation, which not only will itself become an excellent target for modern air defense systems, but will also set up a carrier ship", - the expert from the Peoples Republic of China has declared.

* F-35C - family of unobtrusive multifunctional fighter-bombers of the fifth generation, developed by the American company Lockheed Martin in three versions: ground-based fighter (CTOL) for the US Air Force, a short-range takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) for the US Marine Corps and Navy Great Britain, and a deck fighter (CV) for the needs of the US Navy.

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