HondaJet Aircraft


The aircraft has successfully passed the certification of HondaJet

The Japanese company "Honda Motor" received permission to sell the aircraft HondaJet in the US.

Thanks to the successful completion of the certification of HondaJet passenger aircraft in the service of the Federal Aviation Administration, the Japanese aircraft manufacturer had an opportunity to start selling its aircraft, the development of which was carried over 18 years.

Himself HondaJet aircraft expected to operate exclusively as a means of business aviation, and, according to the official flight performance of the aircraft, the aircraft is able to carry out flights on distances up to 2,2 thousand kilometers at a maximum speed of flight in 780 km \ h.

The estimated price of a single HondaJet unit is on the order of 4,5 million dollars, although depending on the configuration, it can vary in a smaller and larger way.

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