Airline Mahan Air


The plane "Mahan Air" rammed the fence of the Istanbul airport

The plane of the Iranian airline "Mahan Air" crashed into the fence of Istanbul airport at the landing.

The unsuccessful landing of the passenger airliner of the Iranian air carrier "Mahan Air" occurred the day before, at the same time, according to information provided by the news agency, the incident managed to do without victims and victims. The aircraft itself suffered significant damage, which also led to the disruption of the normal operation of the Istanbul airport.

The circumstances of the incident the incident remain unknown at the moment - according to some sources, the culprit could be a failure of the braking system, however, the investigators have to figure out.

It should be noted that on the eve of the day, a similar incident occurred in the Congo, where the victims of the state of emergency was 7 chelvoeka.

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