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Aircraft MAI-411


The MAI-411 will begin to operate in 2018 year

The operation of MAI-411 aircraft can begin in 2018 year.

The Ministry of Industry of Dagestan, referring in its message to the General Director of Concern KEMZ, notes the fact that the developed MAI-411 airplane can be put into operation as early as 2018. On the other hand, potential customers and future operators of this aircraft, although there are, however, it is important to take into account the fact that the flight tests of the aircraft have not yet been carried out, and it is from them that the success of this project will depend.

It should be clarified that the four-seater aircraft was developed by Concern KEMZ jointly with the specialists of the Moscow Aviation Institute, and for the first time the aircraft was presented at the MAKS-2017 airshow.


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Why should we 4x local airplane for whom for local is very small for the rich why do we need this