Airline Condor


The plane of the German airline landed at the airport in Budapest because of the bomb message

The passenger airliner of the German airline Condor made an emergency landing in Budapest due to a report of a bomb on board.

As the news agency, the German airline airliner carried out flight from Berlin to Hurghada, however, after the commission of the departure, the representatives of airlines «Condor» received an anonymous call about staying on board the aircraft bomb.

Upon landing at the airport in Budapest, all passengers of the German airliner were evacuated on an emergency basis, after which experts-cynologists and sappers boarded the aircraft, who, after almost 2-s searches, were unable to detect traces of explosives, which information about the bomb was called false.

Specialists do not exclude that the message could have come about because Germany expressed its readiness to send a group of its servicemen to Syria to fight against IGIL.

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