Airplane of Patriarch Kirill


Airplane patriarch Cyril angered web users

The plane of Patriarch Kirill caused indignation among the users of the Network.

Last Friday, Patriarch Kirill arrived in Yekaterinburg, bringing to the capital of the Urals an ark with the relics of St. Princess Elizabeth Feodorovna. Nevertheless, the effect of the appearance of the patriarch in the public caused a lot of outrage among users of social networks, the reason for which was an expensive business jet.

Patriarch Kirill, head of the Orthodox Church, arrived in Yekaterinburg on a business jet Embraer Legacy 600, the minimum cost of which is 25 million dollars, however, taking into account interior trim and additional options, the real cost of a business jet can be much larger.

"Not so long ago the patriarch said that one should not pursue material wealth, where spiritual wealth is more important. Perhaps the chic Embraer somehow correlates with his words and faith? ", - said one of the users of the social network "Vkontakte".

"Patriarch Kirill hoped for a shortage of churches, but flew on a business jet worth about 25 million dollars, and judging by the protection and the environment, the head of the Orthodox Church is clearly afraid of ordinary citizens", - follows from the message in the social network "Classmates".

In the Orthodox Church itself, this information has not yet been commented on.

It is also disgusting to see such church servants and simple people who, for some reason, go to "TAKIM" for service, etc.

what is religion? -it is all business for a certain category of people ..... the best-selling brand in the world-the brand of Jesus Christ ... so do not bother the priest ... he at work and on the plane "earned" a-god gave ....

As long as there are fools in the world, it became a shame to live with us.
When will people see it?

Take it easy. Just a group of smart Jews who did not want to work, created a party. Made others (where fire, where sword) believe in their postulates. And pay tithing. Business ... By the way, and Mohammed through 600 years created his own experience in the Christian experience.

Even in the hungry 90-e Cyril had his own Tu-134, and now something to deny yourself the luxury?)))))
The main thing is that the flock should think about the soul, and not about wealth.
The patriarch is already a celibate, high priest. And not according to rank he fly on the Russian Superjet.


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