Sheremetyevo airport


The plane with the deceased on board a French citizen, urgently boarded in Moscow

In the capital's Sheremetyevo airport, because of the death of the passenger, emergency landing aircraft.

According information resource, an incident occurred with the death of a passenger on board a French airline plane "Air FranceWhich followed a regular flight from Tokyo to Paris.

Causes of death 33-year old citizen of France is currently the official publicity not received, however, from the crew of the airline «Air France» received information that the woman felt unwell and complained of pain in the heart, and a few minutes later fainted and bestowed upon her by emergency assistance has not helped. According to preliminary data, the culprit could be a heart attack, but before the end of the investigation are made public statements will not.

It also became known and that 33-year-old passenger was followed by Tokyo with her parents, who refused to continue the flight and stayed at a Moscow airport.

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